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Services We Offer

Automatic Transmission Service
Most transmission failures are due to overheating - often due to neglect or incomplete servicing. Fluid can begin to varnish and then sludge deposits, restricting the automatic transmission fluid flow.

Our skilled staff can determine if your vehicle is due for a recommended transmission fluid exchange.

Brake Fluid Service
Brake fluid absorbs water naturally over time.

Increased water content lowers the boiling point of brake fluid and increases chance of corrosion and sludge deposits forming in the braking system, all resulting in possible loss of braking! Our skilled staff can check the condition and water content of your brake fluid to ensure your braking system is in safe operating condition.

Coolant System Service
Engine coolant can deteriorate over time, losing its ability to protect cooling system components against rust, corrosion and scale. Cooling system problems can result in vehicle overheat and breakdown. Most vehicles now have long life coolant, which STILL requires replacement @ 120,000 km or every 5 years.

Let our skilled team check the condition of your cooling system today to ensure carefree driving in the future.

Brake Service
Brake pads, calipers slides and anchors need to be inspected and serviced @ every 48 months or 24-48,000 km. Why? Brake pads can seize in the anchors, caliper pins can stick and bind and dirt and debris enter the braking system and surfaces resulting in reduced braking power, uneven and premature brake wear.

Our dedicated team can properly inspect your brakes, ensure safe operation and prevent future brake failure and excessive repair costs by maintaining your braking system.


With The Works52, Ford-Trained Technicians help keep your Ford running smoothly. You'll get:

  • An up to 83-point inspection of your vehicle, with every hose, belt and fluid checked.
  • A comprehensive Vehicle Report Card: a checklist of important details on the state of your vehicle in terms of service and repair, explained to you by a Ford Service Advisor during a one-on-one consultation.
  • An oil53 and filter change.
  • Rotation and inspection of all four tires.


With The Diesel Works, you'll get:

  • An up to 87-point inspection, so you have the peace of mind that not a single aspect of your Ford goes unchecked.
  • A comprehensive Vehicle Report Card explained to you by a Ford Service Advisor.
  • An oil and filter change.